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Discover how to parent with greater grace, less guilt, and more family fun!

Are you hoping for a healthier and happier relationship with your kid(s)? Are you struggling with setting boundaries and keeping them? Do you find yourself yelling and feeling guilty afterwards?

You are not alone! Parenting is HARD! The struggle is real, and the struggle is normal. Take comfort in knowing that you can raise happy kids while embracing the loud and messy parts without guilt or shame.

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Today is a great day to lean into grace, let go of guilt, and embrace family fun!

If you are finding this parenting gig to be a lot harder than you expected, welcome to the truth of parenthood!

There is no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect family!!

A happy, healthy, messy family…now, that’s a thing!!

In this workbook, you will get:

  • The truth about Parenting Myths that hold us captive

  • Practical tips for communicating effectively with your kids, and exercises to foster healthy communication

  • Strategies to help you raise kids who become kind, well-adjusted, independent adults

  • Tools to evaluate child and parent triggers, and action steps to deal with those triggers in healthy ways.

  • Real-life examples on how to set healthy boundaries

  • And so much more!

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Raising Happy Kids